Six bloggers weigh in on the best gifts for backpackers

It can get very stressful trying to get all your loved ones a personal and thoughtful gift to put under the Christmas tree. Finding the best gifts for backpackers may seem impossible. Are you still on the search for the perfect gift for a backpacker? Or are you a backpacker still making her wishlist? 

Then search no more! Six travel and lifestyle bloggers have created this ultimate list of blogger approved unique  gifts for backpackers. Or for yourself 😉 

Blogger-approved travel gifts for backpackers



Gift 1 – iPhone Tele Lens

For my adventure-seeking, travel-obsessed boyfriend, I’d love to gift him a lens he could attach to his iPhone. This way, he can leave his bulky camera at home, free up space in his suitcase, and still be able to capture his surroundings.

I like this lens, which adds depth to photos, and this one comes with a little tripod.Backpackers gift - lens

Gift 2 – Flip-Flops

I’ll also add — and this is slightly less glamorous — but a pair of simple plastic flip-flops always come in handy when you’re traveling!Backpackers gift - Flipflops


Gift 3 – Cork Sunglass Case

When thinking about travel and holidays I’m thinking salt, surf and palm trees, but one thing I always regret bringing home with me is the sand in my sunglasses. Once it’s on there, it’s so hard to get off without completely ruining your lenses! I recently came across Cork Leather as a sustainable leather alternative when researching an article for Ethical Fashion Australia, and I fell instantly in love with their stylish functionality. I’ll be putting these beautiful sunglasses cases in my travel gift-giving repertoire as they’re great for all my friends and family (and one for me as well).

Backpackers gift- cork case


Gift 4 – The Booty Belt

An incredible resistance band that’s an absolute KILLER on the bum. You only need to do 5 mins a day to feel the burn!
I’m a bit of a fitness freak – so the one thing that worried me about travelling full time was how to stay fit and healthy. With all the amazing local delicacies, and lack of Barrys Bootcamp – I have to admit I was a little nervous of getting fat! But I found these two amazing products – which pack up small & are so easy to use every day. So there’s no excuse. They’d make a FAB Christmas gift for any health obsessed traveler.

Backpackers gift- booty belt

Gift 5 – Evergreen matcha green tea

I’m obsessed with matcha. More because of the effects I feel after drinking just one cup. It’s like a turbo charged cup of coffee – without any of the energy crashes & side effects. Plus, it boosts metabolism and is full of antioxidants so I’m hoping it’ll keep me out of hospital while I’m traveling!

Backpackers gift - evergreen teaREBECCA ROSENBERG FROM OPERATION GONE

Gift 6 – Colorblock Blanket Scarf by Madewell

Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest. This blanket scarf is stylish and multi-functional; therefore it’s the perfect travel scarf. The classic pattern means it will match with every outfit in the suitcase. The lightweight material is key as it packs light and dries really quickly. This scarf works in any season – totally chic with a springy dress, but it’s also warm and ready for layering. But what makes a blanket scarf really invaluable is it doubles as a throw for the beach, the park, or a cold airplane. Any practical traveler will thank you – and besides, who doesn’t love a good scarf?

Backpacker gift - Scarf

Gift 7 – Rume Baggie All

A Rume bag is the perfect complement to any travel gift. When you’re on the road and carrying your life in a backpack, organization is priority number 1. Rume has tons of products for travelers and generally “together” people – but the Baggie All is the best, in my opinion. It has three zipper pockets for variable storage and comes in cute patterns to fit every personality. I always keep my passport in the big pocket and other essential on-the-go stuff, like headphones, lip balm and BandAids in the smaller pockets. An essential travel item!

Backpacker gift - Rume bag



Gift 8 – Rechargable Headlamp

You never know when you’ll find yourself in a dark hostel or amid a power outage, so make sure the traveler in your life is ready for the dark with this compact rechargeable headlamp. They never need to search for batteries while abroad, and they’ll always have a light when they find themselves in the dark.

Backpackers gift - headlamp

Gift 9 – Wireless Worldwide Hotspot

When traveling, the internet can be your lifeline: researching restaurants, buying tickets, connecting with others back home, or maybe getting some work done. But relying on internet cafes and public wifi abroad can be a gamble. Luckily, some really smart people invented this wireless worldwide hotspot, which works anywhere in the world when you subscribe to a borderless data plan or pop in a local SIM card. This would make a great gift for the tech or business traveler.

Backpackers gift- hotspot

Gift 10 – Slim iPhone Case Battery Pack

Depending what kind of traveling you’re doing, you may not know the next time you’ll find a good safe place to charge your cell phone. This iPhone case can hold an extra full charge, and protects your phone in a sleek case. Plus, the price tag is on par with any other protective case, making it the perfect gift for anyone on the go.

Backpackers gift - battery case


Gift 11 – Shampoo Bar

I’m not a big fan of those holiday soap gift sets. They don’t really come across as a thoughtful or personal gift. Unless however when you get an all-in-one bar of soap. This is the perfect gift for the eco-minded, budget-minded and lightweight backpacker. Your beloved backpacker can use this all natural and 100% soap for almost everything while on the road. It’s hair soap, body soap, you can use it to wash your clothes or do the dishes, but also as shaving cream and as tooth paste, too! Haven’t tried that last option for myself though…

Backpacker gift - all-One soap

Gift 12 – Stainless steel water bottle

Another item on my wishlist is this very cool stainless steel water bottle, with a bamboo top lid. Most backpackers hate having to buy plastic water bottles. A stainless steel bottle which you refill when clean water is available is a good way to lower your ecological impact. Also not having to buy multiple bottles of water a day has a positive effect on your travel budget. What makes this particular water bottle so amazing is that for every bottle sold Tree Tribe plants 10 trees!Backpacker gift - stainless steel water bottle

Did our list of unique gifts for backpackers help you pick out the perfect gift for the backpacker in your life? Or maybe helped you make your own wishlist? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy travels 🙂

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