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So my blog on how to find the perfect yoga teacher training on a budget is still so popular I decided to give some more info on the art of finding an affordable yoga teacher training.

Because deepening your yoga practice in an exotic setting is for sure something you can do even on a budget.

Choosing for the right location and course can be tiring, but it doesn’t have to be. Everything you need is right here at Her backpack bliss ?.

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India – Birthplace of yoga

India has a lot of things going for it when it comes to the yoga teacher training scene. As every (aspiring) knows it is the birthplace of yoga. As a result the yoga teacher training offer is huge! Following the law of demand and offer, the prices vary from affordable to down right cheap!

Most commonly found trainings teach mixed style, hatha (vinyasa) or astanga. You’ll have more trouble finding styles like yin areal, or acro yoga.

I do feel I need to mention that your Indian yoga teacher training will probably not be the most luxurious experience. Although authentic, most schools offer quite basic accommodation and meals. No poolside chilling or getting fancy massages in a relaxing spa, but a real and profound training on yoga you will get.

Just some other upsides are the beautiful Indian nature, rich culture and of course the climate. If you have read my article on attending a winter yoga teacher training in India , you do know to avoid the winter months if your budget allows it.

Check out Pratham yoga, the studio where I did my Hatha Vinyasa training (No I am not getting paid to say this, I just loved it!)

affordable yoga teacher training destinations

Not sure where in India you want to do your yoga teacher training? Rishikesh best for a full immersion in the yogic lifestyle. This peaceful little holy town at the foot of the Himalaya will take your breath away. Another bonus is the positive and healing energy the Ganga river gives of. And it is clean enough to swim, raft or just cleanse yourself in.

Goa is also a popular yoga destination in India. It is supposed to be a very relaxed town with tropical beach vibes. Haven’t been there yet, but it is on the list ?

Have a look at this Sexy Zap training on Arambol beach (Goa) by Zap & John.

Nepal – Land of the mountains

Second on the ‘affordable yoga teacher training destination list’ is Nepal. With its lovely nature, rich culture and good climate it is not a bad place to be. The fact it’s a vegetarian-friendly destination makes it even more attractive.

Although not country of origin as far as yoga is concerned, it is still pretty damn close. And I have heard amazing things about it from people who did a yoga training there.

Thailand – The place of many temples

As an affordable yoga teacher training Thailand is probably the most dreamy. Tropical, grounding nature all around and the most yummy foods.

In Thailand, yoga is not taken as seriously as it is in India for example. Schedules are often a bit more relaxed (no getting up at 5 in the morning) and flexible, leaving you more time to enjoy your surroundings. Most schools offer vegetarian meals and also vegan on request.

You get a lot of value for your buck in Thailand, but in general you will lose more buck here then in India or Nepal. Although still affordable, it is more expensive.

affordable yoga teacher training budget

Indonesia – The land of volcanoes and temples

Indonesia is kind of comparable with Thailand. You will find some mid-range yoga training courses at about $1500. But prices raise quickly to up and over $6000.

A big pro of Indonesia, and Bali more specifically is that there are a lot of vegetarian food options. And if you have the time to stay a bit longer after your yoga teacher training has ended it is a beautiful island to discover.

Deciding on an affordable Yoga Teacher Training

So India deserves to be at the top of this list. As the birthplace of yoga you will get the most authentic yoga teacher training here. The delicious vegetarian or vegan-friendly food, the huge offer of yoga training courses and the low prices are what make it the best. Nepal is a close runner up though. Bali and Thailand both offer more luxurious settings, with a price tag to match. But there are for sure affordable yoga training courses out there.

If you have a higher budget, you can also have a look at the yoga teacher training offer in Costa Rica or even Europe. But be aware, some of the most expensive European destinations are Portugal, Italy, and Ireland. Out of budget? No worries, it’s not in mine neither ? Have a look at Lithuania; it has Europe’s cheapest affordable yoga teacher training courses.

Just know there are always options if you want to learn yoga. There is a perfect yoga teacher training out there for everybody. But be prepared it will be a life changing experience!

Good luck and namaste,

PS curious what I have done and where I have been after I did my affordable yoga teacher training? Have a look at my Instagram feed.

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