stress management - the importance of destressing - destress techniques for busy women

Destress techniques for busy women

Why us busy women tend to struggle so much with implementing destress techniques in our daily lives? Well, we didn’t...

stress management - destress techniquesfor busy women

The importance of destressing for busy babes

The importance of destressing for busy babes | In our hustle to conquer, the business world we working women often forget relax, and destress.

Yoga everywhere My experience as an online yoga teacher a soul sisters guide to self-love

Yoga everywhere | My experience as an online yoga teacher

Yoga everywhere | My experience as an online yoga teacher in an online yoga community with yoga & mediation videos, online group coaching, and so much more

Mindset coach training - Online coach training program - her backpack bliss

Mindset coach training – Why an online coach training is perfect for new yoga teachers

Why a mindset coach training is a perfect next step for a new yoga teacher you ask? Well, you graduated...

how yoga changed my life what happened after yoga teacher training

How yoga changed my life

How yoga changed my life | The year after having completed my yoga teacher training courses in India has been transformational.

Yoga Retreats 2019 - Best yoga retreat 2019 Summer Her backpack Bliss

Summer yoga retreats 2019

No better time to plan a transformational summer yoga retreat than on a cool winters day. So I thought now’s...

Affordable Yoga retreats spring 2019 Her Backpack Bliss

Yoga retreats 2019 – Part I

Looking for affordable yoga retreats in spring 2019? I'm here for you: 7 inspiring yoga retreats to relax, reconnect and deepen your yoga practice.

How much does a yoga teacher training cost

How Much Does a Yoga Teacher Training Cost

Your yoga teacher training cost can be as low as $1.500 to over $ 9.000. Curious to see how far...

affordable yoga teacher training packing destination

Affordable Yoga Teacher Training Destinations

So my blog on how to find the perfect yoga teacher training on a budget is still so popular I...

winter yoga teacher training india

Indian winter Yoga teacher training

So you are wondering what a one month 200h Indian winter yoga teacher training is like? I have spend mid...

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