Best cheap massages in Canggu

Intro to affordable massages in Bali

This is a list of cheap massage places in Canggu that I have visited myself. I only share my own experience with the treatments of the establishments below. 

In Canggu, you can get a 1-hour Balinese massage from 95K IDR (just over €6) to over 270K IDR (about €17). If you feel like pampering yourself with a high-end Balinese massage, Spring Canggu is your best bet. 

But that is probably not why you landed on this page. You are looking for a more wallet-friendly massage. 


I am happy to rapport, that in Canggu a cheap massage is not necessarily a bad massage.

However, you often do have to ignore appearances. Don’t expect to walk into a luxurious spa-like setting. No fresh ginger tea to welcome you. Except at one of these cheap massage places in this list. 

Most of these places, except for one, have simple curtains to provide privacy. For me, this has always been perfect. In reading reviews, I noticed some people have issues with this. 

For you my dear reader, I visited a number of cheap massages places. For the sole purpose of informing all of you of course 😉 

Clear Essense massage Canggu 

Price: 100K IDR (€6,59*)

First on the list is Clear Essense. There is a good reason I put this one first on the list. It is by far the best massage I have gotten. Not only out of the cheap massage places in Canggu. But out of all the massages I have gotten in Bali in the months (over 8 at this moment in time) that I have spent here. 

So my number one recommendation is to try out Clear Essense. You’ll get a high quality, strong, yet relaxing massage. 

I was treated by Agung, and I must say she is a highly skilled and experienced massage therapist. I left the place feeling oh so good!

What I especially liked was that Agung asked me how the pressure was. Later when I turned from my belly to my back, she asked how I was feeling. 

Only after the massage, we had a short chat. Which was lovely.

Now that I have found this place, I have no more need to go and ‘test’ other cheap massage salons anymore.

Here is what I like about Clear Essense massage in Canggu: 

  • Good bed
  • Relaxing music 
  • Basic but clean feel
  • Top-quality massage by Agung: friendly, skilled and experienced massage therapist
  • Comfortable bed with face cradle
  • Cover your eyes when you are on your back
  • Checked in to see how you are feeling
  • On Batu Bolong: close to everything. Walking distance from my place. Super close to cheap restaurants in Canggu

As J Koning puts it in his Google review of the place: 

Fantastic massage, strong and still very relaxing also very well priced. Best massage we had in Bali

All the other reviews are very positive as well. Everybody gave this cheap massage place a maximum of 5 stars! And so will I. As soon as I finish writing this article. 

Marissa Massage & Spa Canggu

Price: 100K IDR (€6,59*)

Another great and cheap massage place in Canggu is Marissa Massage & Spa. They get a 4.2 star rating on Google. As an average out of 40 reviews, that still sounds good to me. So I went to check it out.

Unlike most of the cheap massage places in Canggu, this place has more of a spa feel to it. All the therapists are wearing an orange uniform which makes is all look more professional. 

You are greeted at the front desk. Asked what type of massage you would like and if you prefer a male or female therapist. 

The female massage therapist that treated me was very friendly. She worked on my entire body with skill. I was asked if the pressure was ok. Wich it was. It was nice and strong, yet still very relaxing. 

Here’s what I like about Marissa Massage & Spa in Canggu

  • Upstairs area quiet
  • Comfortable bed with face cradle
  • Cover eyes when on back
  • Good technique
  • Spacious enough 
  • Friendly therapist
  • Used hot water to wipe off excess oil
  • Asked if pressure is ok

Details: Pantai Batu Bolong St, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361 – Phone: +62 852-4417-6312 – Opening hours: 09:00–23:00

Serenity Bali

Price: 130K IDR (€8,58*)

I have spent hours and hours at Serenity Bali these past years.

Because I like to spend so much time at this place I even have the habit of staying in a guesthouse within walking distance.

Serenity offers accommodation, yoga classes, events, vegan food, beauty services, and of course also wonderful massages.

The massage area is more at the back of the complex. Away from the road. And to be honest the street (end of Jalan Nelayan) is not so busy anyways.

My point being, it is nice and calm. Although sometimes you can hear a yoga class being taught close by.

When you walk into, you will be greeted by your massage therapist. You get a yummy cup of lemongrass tea. And when you are ready, the massage can start.

There are signs to remember you to mention to your therapist if you have any injuries, areas that need to be avoided and if you don’t want oil on your face/hair.

Yes. In general, a Balinese massage also covers your face and hair.

Making you leave the spa with a greasy face and messed up hair. So I tend to ask to skip the hair/face part. And give extra attention to another body part.

Serenity yoga used to offer rather cheap massages. Especially considering their lush setting.

However, they have upped their prices over the last year. I still added it to this list because I feel like you get a very good service for the price.

Other cheap massage places in Canggu or Bali for that matter, might have a highly skilled massage therapist. Often they miss the beautiful, relaxing setting.

Here is what I like about getting a massage at Serenity

  • Good quality massage
  • Ask for pressure and injuries/places to avoid
  • Beautiful setting away from street noise
  • A little oasis in Canggu, Bali
  • You get a hot cup of lemongrass tea when you arrive
  • Also offer other beauty treatments, vegan food and yoga classes

What I didn’t like as much:

  • Sometimes you can hear a yoga class being taught
  • More expensive than the others that made it on the list

Details: Jl. Nelayan, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 – phone +62 (0361) 8469251

Enny Massage Jl Nelayan 

Price: 110K IDR (€7,25*)

This place I actually didn’t research first. If I had, I would have found out that it isn’t to be found online. 

I took a chance and walked into this small massage place on Jalan Nelayan. 

Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on my side that day. The massage therapist that treated me had very long fingernails. Making the massage less comfortable.

Another minor issue was the size of the massage area. The beds are separated by curtains. Which is perfectly fine by me. However, there was so little space I could barely stand next to the bed to take my clothes off and get on the table. 

During the massage, there were moments when I would feel the massage therapist working on the person next door bumping into my table. 

A table that didn’t have a face cradle by the way.

Overall it was a mediocre experience. The technique of the therapist was ok. Not bad. Not good. It didn’t feel like a highly trained or experienced skill.

The staff was friendly though. There was music playing. And the place felt quite clean.

Here’s what I like about Enny Massage

  • Fair price
  • Friendly
  • Felt clean
  • Background music to cover noise from the street

What I didn’t like as much…

  • Mediocre technique, not bad
  • Long fingernails
  • Heard the staff call people in from the streets 
  • Small booths 

Details: Jalan Nelayan 

Krisna Spa Canggu

Price: 100K IDR (€6,59*)

Krisna Spa Canggu is right around the corner from my place. 

I always see the massage therapists sitting in and in front of the store. They have asked me in for a massage a number of times. 

So the other day, I messaged them to book a massage. I still haven’t gotten a reply. 

The next day I had a self-care day. The perfect ending of that would be a massage. I saw Krisna is open until 22h. 

So I walk over there at 20h30. Two massage therapists were sitting in the salon playing with their phones. I was told to come back the next day. 

Without an appointment, I get that there is a risk of not being able to be treated. But if there are two staff members present, just twiddling their thumbs. That’s just bad service in my eyes. 

I will go and give the place a third try and update this post after. 

For now, here is what I didn’t like about Krisna Spa Canggu…

  • Messaged to book an appointment. Never heard back
  • I went there at 20u30. Staff was available but I was told to come back the next day. 

Details: No., Jl. Nelayan No.4B, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 -phone +62 0812-3968-584 – opening hours: 09:00–22:00


Word of warning about cheap massage places in Canggu

Be careful when waking into a cheap massage salon in Canggu. 

There are numerous reviews of people having their money stolen during a massage.

When researching cheap massage places in Canggu, I crossed all places with reviews mentioning money stolen off the list. 

Cheap massages in Canggu, Bali

Have you been to a cheap yet good massage salon in Canggu? Let me know! I’m always happy to go and try out more places. All in the name of science of course 😉

*Based on currency in January 2020

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