Her backpack bliss

Finding personal bliss while traveling in the most sustainable way possible, that’s what Her backpack bliss  is all about.

Do you want to reach an audience that is into health, mindset and travel? Contact me for social mentions, shout outs and other Instagram marketing requests. 

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Are you a podcast host, or do you have an interview section on your blog? Looking for guests to interview? I am always up to come and share my story, and by doing so inspiring other women who feel stuck to start living life on their own terms. 

  • Reviews

Do you want Her Backpack Bliss to review your product or service? Send me an emailt with your (brand) story. If there is a match with Her Backpack Bliss and what we are all about, we can set something up. Be aware thought that I will always create a review that is personal and honest, in order to best inform the Her Backpack Bliss audience.

Every post that is part of a collaboration will always be labeled as such. So that readers know it is part of a commercial collaboration.

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Do you have a blog on travel, a vegan lifestyle, yoga, mindfulness, …. and want to write a guest post for Her Backpack Bliss, in exchange for a link? Send me a short email with your idea, and let’s see if we are a match!

SooZen Brand Ambassador

I am always looking for bloggers, influencers and even brand ambassadors for my online yoga shop SooZen. Send me an email with the info below, and I will be in touch shortly.

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