Destress techniques for busy women

Why us busy women tend to struggle so much with implementing destress techniques in our daily lives?

Well, we didn’t get to where we are today by taking it easy. Getting our education, climbing the corporate ladder, building our own business, its been hard and stressful work.

However, being in a continues state of stress has a detrimental impact on our health. Read more about the importance of destressing for busy women.

So if we want to stay happy, healthy, AND productive, we HAVE TO start using some destress techniques NOW.

Unfortunately, destressing is one of those things that is easier said than done! I wish it was something we could do in a snap of a finger. However, we need to ease our body and mind into it gently.

Here are some destress techniques you can start doing today to decrease your stress levels and increase your happiness and productiveness.

Yoga for stress management

Get out of your head and into your body. Yoga is probably the best destress techniques for busy women. Ok, I might be a bit biased by the way yoga has changed my life. But still, it’s a great way to relax.

You don’t have to go to 90-minute yoga classes in a studio 3 times a week. Who has time for that?!

Do some yoga in the privacy of your own home thanks to the internetzzz! I love taking short 20 to 45-minute online yoga classes.

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Breathing techniques for busy women

Breathing is probably the most natural thing we do. However, we as we do it unconsciously the power of our breath is often lost to us. Breathing mindfully turns it into one of the most effective destress techniques.

Stress will make your breath short and shallow breaths. Short and shallow breaths will, in turn, cause more anxiety.

Our breath affects our mental state, and our mental state affects our breath. Let’s use this to our advantage ladies.

Here’s what you do the next time you feel stress creeping up. First, become aware of your breath. Now try to extend each and every breath in and out. Focus on breathing deep into your belly. With every inhalation let your belly move out like a balloon. Every deep and slow exhalation makes it fall back in.

What’s great about this destress technique is that it works almost immediately. The perfect quick destress technique for busy women like us!

Get creative to destress

Another way to get out of your mind is to get creative. Most high performing working women are quite creative.

Although we often don’t know it ourselves. Think about it, creating a marketing plan, managing a team, making employee plannings, … These are all problems we face every day. We make plans, find solutions and make things work.

So now you know you are creative in a logic, work kind of way. Maybe you are less skeptical about getting creative in the traditional way.

An easy way to start is by going out and getting one of those coloring books for adults. I love coloring mandalas, it’s soooo meditative for me.

Destress evening routine of better sleep

Night times can become a very triggering part of the day when you are struggling with stress management.

Lying awake for hours. Not being able to fall asleep. Instead, we worry about our finances, relationships, something we need to tell our boss, something a colleague has said today,…

An evening routine can help you help fall asleep faster. Try a cup of camomille tea, some calm bedtime yoga, meditation or breath work.

Last destress technique: Self-care

Schedule in self-care in your agenda. And I mean unconditional self-care time. So not “if I have done the dishes”, “after I finish laundry”, “once I have cleaned the floors”. NO. NO. NO

Let all of your ‘have to’s‘ just be. And do them later, first things first. And newsflash, that’s YOU and your self-care.

So schedule in time to do what you really like to do.

This can be going to the gym or a fitness class. But only if you genuinely like this. Not if it’s a way to burn off yesterdays pizza.

Do some yoga, make a vision board, get yourself a massage, go to the cinema, treat yourself to a nice dinner out, … The options are endless.

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Final words on these destressing techniques

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. The key with any of these destress techniques is to NOT FEEL GUILTY about taking care of yourself. 

I used to feel so bad taking time to destress. And to be honest I still do sometimes. 

But remember, we need our stress levels to go down in order to stay happy, healthy and PRODUCTIVE. We can only succeed in our professional lives as business women if we are in a good place mentally and physically. 

So now you know all about the importance of destressing and you know all about destress techniques you are ready to tackle your stress and become a healthier and more productive version of yourself.

Questions about these destress techniques? Let me know in the comments below ???

Lara Her Backpack Bliss
Corporate Marketing Manager turned Personal Yoga Coach | After over 750 hours of intensive yoga and coaching courses, Lara now helps female professionals to replace stress and its negative impact on your body, with balance, energy, and well-being.

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