From ‘Is this IT?’ to living in Bliss

Inspiring you to break routine and live your life

In consciousness, authenticity and bliss


From ‘Is this IT?’
to living in Bliss 

A conscious look on
health, travel & remote work

Do you feel

Stuck? Frustrated? Drained?

Has the question “Is this it???” been going through your mind? 

You pulled the all-nighters to get that degree. You worked your ass off to climb the corporate ladder, and finally you landed your dream job. You have the BF, the dog, the house, the company car, you have it ALL. Everything you always dreamed of. The perfect life. Right? 

A year ago I was sitting just where you are now. All my goals reached, the perfect life it seemed. But I had never felt unhappier, more frustrated, stressed-out and tired of it all. My energy was low, I didn’t feel like working out, learning new things or spending time on my self-development. 

Long story short: I quit my job as a marketing manager. Broke up with my boyfriend. Sold my sh*t. Left with a one-way ticket to India, where I became a yoga teacher. I founded my own social media marketing company. And I haven’t stopped traveling ever since. 

I’m not saying everyone should quite their job to travel. Although if that is what you want to do, JEEJ for you!! But I do want to let you know there are possibilities out there. There are ALWAYS options. And with this blog it is my goal to inspire you to walk away from society’s expectations, to travel,  to be adventurous, to focus on your health, mindset and maybe even transition to a digital entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Sending love and consciousness your way, 

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