How Much Does a Yoga Teacher Training Cost

Your yoga teacher training cost can be as low as $1.500 to over $ 9.000. Curious to see how far your budget will get you? Read on!

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Low yoga teacher training cost   | 300-999 $

You can find affordable yoga teacher training courses for as little as 300$. These are short one-week training courses and can be a nice addition to your basic 200-hours yoga teacher training. Like this 50-hour yin yoga teacher training or this 50 hours aerial yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. If Thailand is more your style, you’ll also find some short yoga teacher training courses there. Or take a 7-day aerial yoga teacher training in Ubud, Indonesia.

There are also a couple of 200-hour yoga teacher training courses for under 1.000$. Like this 30 day hatha yoga teacher training. You’ll find them in India and Nepal. When looking for a training courses and comparing fees, make sure to check if meals and airport transfers are included in the price. This can make the more expensive training can be cheaper in the end. Read more tips on how to save up to 1.000$ on your yoga teacher training.

When it comes to yoga teacher training courses, the proverb ‘pay peanuts, get monkeys’ is not true in my opinion. The setting of your training will be less luxurious than it would be in some more tropical destinations like Thailand. However you will get the most authentic training by people for who yoga is a part of their history and culture.

Midrange Yoga teacher training cost | 1000-2999$

If you have about 1.000 – 2.999 $ to invest, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. In India and Nepal, you can have a look at training courses that offer a bit more than just the basics. You can get a private room, meals and fun weekend trips will be included. The 200-hours yoga teacher training from Pratham Yoga, where I got my training,  is a good example of this yoga teacher training cost category.

In Indonesia, you can get an advanced yoga teacher training. Want to specialize in pregnancy yoga or yin yoga? For just over 1.000$ you can get a 50-85 hours yoga teacher training. You can find a 200-hour yoga teacher training for under 2.000$, no meals included. Do you have a slightly higher budget, then you’ll find a number of 200-hour yoga teacher training, including meals.

Thailand is another great yoga teacher training destination. For just over 1.000$ you’ll find advanced 7 to 10-day yoga teacher training courses. Like this healing women circle training. The yoga teacher training cost for full 200 intensive courses is just a bit higher, but still under 3.000$.

High end yoga teacher training cost | 3000$ and up

For this budget, you will get the most luxurious 200-hour yoga teacher training in places like Costa Rica, Indonesia, Brazil, … Plush accommodation, private rooms, a swimming pool, healthy yogic meals included and often also a massage or two.

The most expensive yoga teacher training courses will set you back about 5.000$  to 9.995$. With this budget to invest, you can attend numerous 500-hour teacher training courses in Indonesia or Thailand, but also Sri Lanka, Peru, Hawaii and European destinations become a possibility.

Yoga teacher taining cost | Conclusion

Your yoga teacher training cost will vary depending on various factors. The bottom line is that there is a yoga training course for every budget. For under 999$ you can attend a low-budget 200 hour training in India or a short advanced course in other countries.

You’ll have a lot of options with a 1.000 $ to 2.999$  budget to invest. Destinations like Thailand and Indonesia become a possibility. More expensive training courses are often 300 to 500-hour yoga teacher training courses. Destination-wise you can go to places like Hawaii, Brazil or Europe.

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  • I think India and Nepal are the most affordable country for yoga teacher training. Really helpful for the yogis who want to become a yoga teacher.

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