How yoga changed my life

How life was before yoga changed it

Rewind to just over a year ago. Meet Lara, marketing manager in the B2B IT industry. Driving a nice company car. Living in a beautiful house. Dog playing in the backyard. I had no idea that a mere 12 months from now, I will look back to see how yoga changed my life completely.

I checked all the boxes of my life’s to-do list.

  • University degree? Check!
  • Fancy job? Check! 
  • Sweet boyfriend? Check! 
  • Nice home to live? Check!

As I realized I had finally reached all the goals I had set for myself, I felt empty. I had spent so much time on what I SHOULD be doing. So that’s what I did. But when I got where I thought I wanted to be. I found out, I didn’t like it.  

I was stressed out. Dragging myself out of bed and into morning traffic every day. My energy levels were at an all-time low.

There was a voice mind my mind asking: “Is this it?

I needed something to change, NOW.

Here’s what happened.

I quit my job to travel

As every sane person would do, right?

The plan? Just enjoying my life for 6 months. For once actually living my life right now. Instead of planning for some distant future.

Read more on how I quit my job to travel.

Yoga teacher training course in India

I flew to Rishikesh, yoga teacher training course capital of the world. I did not plan on becoming a teacher, nor was I prepared for how yoga changed my life after.  

In an attempt to deepen my own yoga practice, I  spend 2 months completing 2 different yoga teacher training courses.

Because the perfectionist in me was just not satisfied with the results of yoga teacher training course number one.

200 hours yoga teacher training rishikesh india pratham yoga review

More on my experience at Pratham Yoga where I completed my second yoga teacher training.

Discovering the ‘Digital Nomad species’

The next 4 months I traveled through Southeast Asia

Not teaching yoga. Labor laws make it difficult to actually work as a yoga teacher.

I met others living a digital nomad lifestyle. Online entrepreneurs who had their own digital businesses.

Hey, I can do that too! So I went for the logical business plan: becoming a digital nomad with an online marketing business.

Wasn’t this what I SHOULD do? With my educational and professional background in marketing, this was for sure the only way to go. 

Digital nomad life, here I come!

yoga content writer content writer copywriter copy writing writer for yoga schools and retreats her backpack bliss

Digital Nomad doubts

Could it be that this remote marketing business I was building was not the right path for me?

I had some soul searching to do. And yoga and coaching helped me come to a hard but not so surprising conclusion.

Marketing does not bring me joy. Especially the exceptional part of it all. 

I do love the planning and organizing part of it.

For months I tried to build that business. But it is hard, it is a struggle.

I now realize it is way harder to build a business that is not truly in line with your passions.

Today I am very grateful for my marketing business. It has allowed me to live this remote lifestyle. And I love working with my clients!

How yoga changed my life

You might think what has that to do with this article’s topic: How yoga changed my life?

Here are just some of the lessons I have learned from yoga that impact my everyday life:

    • Yoga has taught me to calm (not still) my monkey mind. By being here right now
    • It has helped me stop my pattern of making big long term plans and sacrificing the present moment for that moment in the future when I would reach that goal, and finally be happy
    • It has taught me how to breathe again. Long and deep and relaxing. Right into my belly. And not short shallow breaths into my chest.
    • It has helped me live a more healthy life. Taking better care of my body by eating well and moving regularly
    • It has taught me to relax. Big shout out to savasana and yin yoga!!
    • In yoga and in life, there is always space for progress. But it’s all about appreciating where you are right now.
    • I started with setting intentions thanks to yoga classes. Now I also set intentions for my life of the mat.
    • My number one intention: Be kind to yourself, your mind, body, and soul. 
    • I don’t compare myself that much anymore to others. Everybody is on a different part of their personal journey, both in yoga and in life. It’s no use to compare myself to someone who has a different path to walk.

So, in the end, I live my life in a different way than I did one year ago. Yoga has empowered me to live on my own terms. That is truly how yoga has changed my life. 

To live a life I love today. And not be miserable now, for an uncertain future. And for me, it all started in the year after finishing my yoga teacher training courses in India.

yoga teacher training course rishikesh india group at ashram

Meet my super cool YTT possé 😀

It forcing me to look at myself and my life. And helped me make the changes I needed to create a lifestyle of my choice.

I ditched stress and anxiety. Found my confidence again. And have a supportive network of ladies all around the world.

New, healthy habits like gratitude practice, journaling, meditation, affirmations, visualizations, intention setting, and intuitive eating have helped me create this life of my dreams.

But it’s not only about life lessons there are also some real-life tangible ways yoga has changed my life.

Teach yoga online – Practice with me!

I am extremely proud to officially be an online yoga teacher as of today.

You can practice yoga with me on the Remote Yogi Tribe

The remote what now?

The Remote Yoga Tribe is a wonderful online yoga community run my Taryn  Raine. Not only is she an amazing yoga teacher. She is also an experienced coach, specialized in anxiety. And a dear friend of mine.

I love being able to teach yoga online.  This way I can share my practice with all of you. No matter where in the world you might be at this moment.

how yoga changed my life online yoga teacher at the remote yogi tribe

Another big plus of this ‘teach yoga online thing’. Is that I also can do it no matter where in the world I am at.

Now that I have discovered this way to teach yoga online, thanks to Taryn. There might be coming some yoga videos of my own here on the blog soon.

How yoga changed my life and continues to do so

More info coming soon…

What type of content would you like to see here on Herbackpackbliss? Yoga for a specific problem? Guided meditation? Gratitude practice tips and tricks? More about healthy habits and routines? …?

Let me know in the comments below!

Or reach out via email or dm me on Instagram.

Yoga everywher the remote yogi an online yoga community
Lara Her Backpack Bliss
Corporate Marketing Manager turned Personal Yoga Coach | After over 750 hours of intensive yoga and coaching courses, Lara now helps female professionals to replace stress and its negative impact on your body, with balance, energy, and well-being.

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