My favorite health and wellness blogs

As a yoga teacher and mindset coach I LOVE health and wellness blogs.

Here are some of my favorites.

I’m always looking for new and fresh blogs, so share your favorites in the comments below.

Health and wellness blogs – FOOD

Victoria Evans Official

Victoria healed her own relationship with food. And now she helps others do the same.

I love listening to her blog/podcast, Weighing in on Happy.

She has an online course coming up called Craving Food Freedom Academy. Where she will teach you how to stop dieting, stop food cravings, and start eating intuitively.

If you sign up for the waiting list, you get an additional discount on top of the early bird pricing.

The Yoni Nutritionist

I met Adrienne, aka the Yoni Nutritionist, when I was living in Canggu, Indonesia.

She is wonderful and strong woman dedicated to share all she know about nutrition and wellness for women’s sexual health.

Read through the articles on her health and wellness blog. Or watch her hilarious but informational YouTube videos.

One of my favorite videos on Yoni lubrication.

Sweet Seedling

I lived with plant-based chef Lisa for about a month. During those 4 weeks of co-living in Germany, I got to enjoy her delicious plant-based creations. And it’s safe to say I have been a fan ever since.

Head over to her blog for plant-based recipes, events, and advice.

Health and wellness blogs – YOGA

The Remote Yogi

I know I can’t stop talking about the Remote Yogi Tribe. But I don’t mention the Remote Yogi Blog as often.

It’s full of articles about yoga & fitness, self-love, interviews, plant-based nutrition, and travel.

Yoga Journal

Looking for yoga pose how-tos, practice videos, meditation tricks, healthy lifestyle tips? You’ll find everything you need at

Health and wellness blogs – Mindset

WILL Be Strong

Becoming strong starts with changing your mindset! A powerful tagline, and Willemijn’s personal motto.

The blog is all about changing your mindset, creating new and healthy habits, and creating the life you really want for yourself.

WILL Be Strong offers an amazing online coaching training that’s perfect for new yoga teachers, nutritionists, personal trainers, and other coaches.

I did the training in March 2019, and it helped me gain so much clarity on who I am as a person, what type of yoga teacher I want to be, and how I can create a business that best supports both.

This health and wellness blog is in Dutch only. But the training programs are available in NL and ENG.

PS if you let them know you heard about the training or coaching options from me, you’ll get a €77 discount!

Health and wellness blogs – FITNESS

Your final destination when it comes to advise on fitness, nutrition, and health. In other words one of my favorite health and wellness blogs.

My go-to site for fitness inspiration. I love there fitness exercise tutorial videos.

The only downside is that it’s only available in Dutch.

Health and wellness blogs – YONI


Feminine embodiment coach Kristen Murray helps women connect to their bodies, yonis, and cycles.

Read her yoni health and wellness blog or join her free Yoni Love Challenge.

PS Kirsten and Adrienne host the Yoni Talks Youtube series together. They are a hilarious match made in yoni heaven.

Share your favorite health and wellness blogs!

Let me know what your favorite blogs are in the comments ???

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Corporate Marketing Manager turned Personal Yoga Coach | After over 750 hours of intensive yoga and coaching courses, Lara now helps female professionals to replace stress and its negative impact on your body, with balance, energy, and well-being.

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