Yoga classes in Canggu – Prices and more

Canggu is the Bali city of smoothie bowls, massages, digital nomads, surf, and YOGA.

No wonder I like it that much. This cozy beach town has been my ‘home’ for months at a time. And it is super easy to create your own little DIY yoga retreat. Daily yoga classes, smoothie bowls, juices, … Or you can book a yoga retreat in Canggu using a trusted platform.

I hope you enjoy this article on yoga classes and prices in Canggu.

Serenity yoga Canggu

Do you like to flow at a chakra yoga class? Or are you more of an ashtanga practitioner? Yin maybe? Or is power yoga your cup of tea? 

The yoga schedule at Serenity’s offers all types of classes. From early morning until after sunset. 

What I like about Serenity is that most teachers are locals. They are very skilled at teaching asana classes. 

I particularly enjoyed the detox flow classes by Kartana. Yin (restorative) classes by Mia are pure heaven to me.

The aerial midday classes with Mano are also great fun. 

If you are hungry you can get super yummy vegan food at their restaurant. 

Serenity Canggu Yoga class prices

  • Drop-in: 120K IDR (€7.9*)
  • 5-class pass: 500K IDR (€33)
  • 10-class pass: 1.200 IDR (€79)

I took an unlimited pass for 7 days once for 900K and got a free 1-hour Balinese massage! If you take the 3-month unlimited yoga pass for 2.200K IDR. You get three Balinese massages for free. 

Serenity yoga also offers yoga teacher training courses, accommodation (private rooms and dorms), massage/spa services, vegan food, and community events. 

Showers are available but do bring your own towel. 

Have a look at the yoga teacher training courses in Canggu!

The Practice Canggu

I have very fond memories of yoga classes at The Practice. The classes I attended here, were of the highest level.

It is so much more than just asana practice. Every class you walk out with some new piece of knowledge on yoga philosophy or of yourself. 

Each class is labeled beginner, intermediate or advanced. This way you can easily pick a class at your level. 

At The Practice Canggu, classes are according to the tantric hatha yoga tradition. You can choose a moon, sun or fire yoga asana practice. They also offer meditation, yoga nidra, and meditation.

I’ve been wanting to attend one of The Practice’ yoga teacher training courses. In addition to the standard 200-hour yoga teacher training, they also offer a 300-hour training. And specialized short 50-hour yoga teacher training courses as well. 

Showers are available but do bring your own towel. 



The Practice Canggu yoga class prices

  • Drop-in yoga class price: 150K IDR (€9.9)
  • 5-Passes: 650K IDR (€43)
  • 10-Passes: 1,200K IDR (€79)
  • Yoga Nidra, Kriya & Meditation: 100K IDR (€6.6)

Samadhi Yoga Canggu

I only went to one yoga class at Samadhi. It was a beautiful yin yoga class by Chris Walker

His yin yoga class was just wonderful. The sequencing made the transition from pose to pose feel natural. When finding stillness in my body, Chris’ teachings on yoga were a pleasure to listen to.

At Samadhi yoga you’ll find a little shop with yoga apparel and accessories. It’s a little oasis that also contains a small restaurant. Try one of their tasty dishes. The menu has ayurvedic gourmet, as well as raw, vegan dishes.

Can your sore muscles use a massage after all that yoga (and surfing)? Also at Samadhi’s, you can get a good rubdown. Their spa has everything from healing massages to facials and manicures. Be aware that their prices are of the luxury spa variety. 

At the Samadhi yoga academy, you can take different modules of yoga training. They don’t use the typical 50, 200, 300-hour training format though. So I am not sure what you should expect of these yoga training courses. 

Samadhi Canggu yoga class prices

  • Drop-n yoga class price: 140K IDR (€9.2)
  • 6-class yoga pass: 700K IDR (€46)
  • 12-class yoga pass: 1.300K IDR (€86)
  • 1-week unlimited yoga pass: 1.000K IDR (€66)
  • 1-month unlimited yoga pass: 2.400K IDR (€158)

Canggu Studio yoga

Although I have only been to Canggu Studio for a Beyoncé dance class, I know they also offer yoga classes. 

And that is exactly the fun thing about Canggu Studio. They offer a variety of classes. Not only yoga but also boxing, Indonesian dance, barré, jazz dance, pilates, …

Canggu studio prices

  • Drop-in class price: 130K IDR (€5.6)
  • 5-class pass: 600K IDR (€40)
  • 10-class pass 1.100K IDR (€73)
  • 1-month unlimited pass: 1.950K IDR (€129

Pranava Yoga Canggu

Haven’t been able to grab a class at Pranava but I have heard good thing about it. So it is definitely on my to-go-list!

I am their yoga classes are also great, because some of their teachers also teach at Serenity yoga. 

As I said earlier, Mano and Diaz are two of my favorite teachers at Serenity…

Pranava is part of the Matra co-working, co-living group. 

Pranava Canggu yoga class prices

  • Drop-in yoga class: 110K IDR (€7)
  • 5-class yoga pass: 500K IDR (€33)
  • 12-class yoga pass: 1.100K IDR (€73)
  • 1-month unlimited yoga pass: 1.800K IDR (€119)

Odyssey MVMT

Odyssey MVMT is still also on my to-go-list. So I can’t recommend this studio out of my own experience. Again I do have friends who loved training here. 

In addition to yoga classes and 200-hour yoga teacher training courses, they also of boxing and other fitness classes

Prices Odyssey MVMT yoga and fitness

  • Day pass of yoga and fitness classes: 200K IDR (€13)
  • 1-week unlimited yoga and fitness classes: 600K IDR (€40)
  • 1-month unlimited yoga and fitness classes: 1.800K IDR (€119)

And you…?

Where in Canggu have you taken yoga classes? Let me know in the comments so I can add extra yoga studio’s to this list!

*Prices as in January 2020

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