Yoga everywhere | My experience as an online yoga teacher

As an online yoga teacher I’m able to teach yoga everywhere I go

I talk about my yoga teacher training courses a lot. So I assume you ladies already know just how crazy I am about yoga. The only problem for me was that I couldn’t easily teach yoga while traveling. Until I met Taryn, from The Remote Yogi. She introduced me to the idea of becoming an online yoga teacher so I would be able to teach yoga from everywhere I go.

Online yoga classes for beginners and more advanced yogis have been becoming a big deal lately. As more and more practitioners find their way to online yoga communities.

And as an online yoga teacher, I am so excited to be part of that online yoga community.

Traveling yoga teacher, not as easy as it sounds

Becoming a traveling yoga teacher is made out to be the easiest thing in the world. Get your certification, travel to your dream destination, walk into a yoga studio, and start teaching.

You’ll either get a room and meals in exchange. Or if you are very lucky you’ll even get paid.

The reality is much different I’m afraid. Teaching abroad is not the piece of cake it’s made out to be.

Don’t forget every country has labor laws. And they also apply to yoga teachers. You can’t just go to a  country on a tourist visa and start teaching yoga. This is very much illegal. And punishable with fines, deportation, and even prison time depending on the country.

A risk I am personally not very willing to take. So you need the right paperwork. But also this is not an easy process in most countries.

So my dream of teaching yoga in tropical destinations was kind of shattered.

Yoga everywhere with the Remote Yogi Tribe

Bring in Taryn, founder of the Remote Yogi Tribe, an online yoga community. Sho introduced me to the idea of becoming an online yoga teacher.

Yoga everywher the remote yogi an online yoga community

Why I love being an online yoga teacher

As an online yoga teacher, I get to share my love for yoga from everywhere I go.

So from now on, I am teaching online yoga classes for beginners and more advanced yogis on the Remote Yogi Tribe.

I’m an online yoga teacher. Watch my classes

You can watch my online yoga video in the tribe for free now.

Just sign up to the tribe and for two weeks you’ll have free access to everything the tribe has to offer.

And even if you decide to stay on after, it’s a risk-free investment in yourself. If you don’t love the tribe, you get your money back (last 60-day refund).

Online yoga community the Remote Yogi Tribe

But, what is an online yoga community exactly??

Well, it’s so much more than only online yoga classes. Yes, it makes it possible to practice yoga everywhere. There are tons of yoga and mindfulness resources but also other perks…

Online yoga classes for beginners and more advanced yogis.

You get a wide range of yoga class ranging from 15-85 minutes long. Now it’s simple to fit yoga into your life, no matter how busy you are!

Are you an absolute beginner? No worries, Taryn and all other online yoga teachers (like myself!) explain all yoga posses with very clear instructions. Also offering variations for beginners and yogis at an intermediate skill level.

And if you still have any questions about a pose or a sequence, you can ask Taryn during one of the community life calls.

A supportive online yoga tribe

You get to connect with like-minded women from all around the globe.

As a traveler, I love this idea. I no longer have one studio I practice or teach at. But now I have a wonderful online yoga community everywhere I go.

Online group coaching and support

Questions about your yoga practice, meditation, or how to live a healthy lifestyle? The two live calls per month via video chat are the perfect opportunity to chat directly.

Online group coaching workshops

Talking about online group coaching. In addition to the group coaching workshops that are included in the membership. Your membership also gives you a discount on the online courses Taryn offers from time to time.

Next upcoming course is called A soul sister’s guide to self-love.Yoga everywhere My experience as an online yoga teacher a soul sisters guide to self-love

What’s this 8-week online group coaching course all about?

  • Powerful video lessons each week.
  • Nine amazing meditations.
  • A weekly self-love workbook.
  • Four video group coaching calls.
  • Supportive sisterhood in a private Facebook group.
  • Email support.
  • Free Bonuses like yoga videos, coaching workshops, and more.

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