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The complete online course with
Personal Yoga Coaching designed to reduce
stress & its negative impact on your body

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Who is this course for? 

  • Are you unable to fall asleep at night feeling tired and overwhelmed,
    thinking about what you did and didn’t do today- and what you have to do tomorrow?
  • Do you wake up exhausted, wondering to yourself if you can make it through the day?
  • Is your mind always racing? You are just not able to turn it off.
  • Are you worrier and over-planner?
  • Do you feel irritable? Low in energy? Or just not feeling quite right?
  • Is stress starting to negatively impact your body?
    • Tension headaches to full-blown migraine attacks
    • IBS and other digestion issues
    • Trouble falling asleep, waking up during the night, or oversleeping
    • Jaw clenching or tightness

Sound familiar?

Over the course of 4 weeks, we will work closely together to get your stress levels down.

For the time-poor high performer

  • An all in one practical and proven-effective program
  • Fits in the daily life of the modern time-poor high performer
  • Including meditations, daily exercises, fascinating scientific insights and techniques
    recipes for life… to nourish the mind …the heart… the soul.

How you will feel

  • Healthier, more balanced, and joyful. 
  • Less stressed and worried.
  • Energized, with less stress-related physical symptoms. 
  • More focused, and fulfilled at work with better performance. 

What you will learn

  • How to use the yoga system, including postures, meditation, and breathwork to calm and nourish your body
  • How to get out of your head, and into your body
  • How to stop wasting time
    For the few minutes you put into the coaching program each day, you get back multiple hours of quality work
  • Replace stress-promoting habits with mindful ones-a skill that will last a lifetime
  • The power of daily habits

Become an early initiator and get 4 weeks of Yoga Mind Coaching & life long access to the program for only €744

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Only 6 spots available


What Lara’s students have to say

  • I met Lara in Bali and since then I have attended her yoga classes. She is a beautiful yoga teacher. She is very calm and clear. Her directions and ques are very concise and consistent so you can do the practice with your eyes shut if you want to. Not only that, she brings the pure essence of yoga. So you walk out of the class not only feeling like you have had some exercise. But you've also calmed your body and mind. So you feel both energized, and relaxed and serene. It’s beautiful!
    Anne M., UKAnne M., UKMarketing
  • I have attended a couple of Lara’s classes here in Bali, and I have really gotten a lot out of them. Lara has got a self-assurance, a quiet confidence and I found that that really helped me ease into the practice. Becoming more aware of how I was and how my body was feeling. She ques the poses very well, and she has got a fantastic intonation. So the classes always felt quite lively. I came out of the classes feeling energized and Lara was always available for any questions we had afterward. I think Lara is a fantastic teacher. She has got a quiet sense of humor, she is very intelligent, she understands what yoga is about and she conveys it really well. I thoroughly enjoyed her classes.
  • I have taken some of Lara’s classes and they’re fantastic. Fantastic at grounding you and getting you centered. Lara has got a lovely soothing voice, which helps you get to that nice centered, calm place. What I love most about her classes is that she gives you enough space to have your own practice. But you also still feel very held. So you are getting enough instruction to know what you need to be doing. And to do what you need to do to get down to feeling nice and calm, which is difficult in our busy working lives. So thank you, Lara, for really helping me to ground down.
    Alexis, SydneyAlexis, SydneyManager Government Services
  • I did a class with Lara quite a few times now. I’ve got 2 businesses and I am flat chat all the time. Lara’s class is easy to follow, it’s relaxing, it’s really deep. And she explains what you should be feeling. So you understand what muscles to access. It’s really lovely. So I suggest you have a class with Lara, particularly if you really want to be connected with yourself. She is fantastic
    Holly-Berry, SydneyHolly-Berry, SydneyTherapist & Business owner

Become an early initiator

Be one of the first women to become a part of this Yoga Mind Coaching Program.


Only 6 participants will be selected to join the 4 -week program.
As an early initiator, you will get life long access to the program as it gets updated. 

In exchange for some patience with technical hiccups and such you will receive:

  • 4 weeks op Personal Yoga Coaching for only €744, instead of €977 (that’s a 31% discount!!);
  • Early Initiator Status: life long access to the Yoga Mind Coach Platform. First row spots to join the first 8-week full coaching program. 

What you get as an early initiator

  • A proven effective program for stress relief that fits into your modern life
  • 4 weeks of online classes, including text and video content on yoga, meditation, and self-care for stress relief
  • 1x one-on-one exploration call
  • 4x group yoga coaching calls with 2-3 others
  • 4x 30-minute lunar yoga video classes with meditation and breathwork to help calm and nourish your body
  • 5x worksheets designed to deepen your experience
  • Support and understanding from like-minded women
  • The 4-week testing version of the 8-week-long program that is still to come
  • Special Bonus Section including a functional yoga movement video class designed to quickly help tone and strengthen muscles weakened by sitting at your desk

What you’ll need to do

  • Commitment; personal time, motivated by a need for change
  • As an early initiator, know that you are co-creating the program wih me. As the processes are being set up, some minor technical hiccups are a possibility.
  • You get to join the first 8-week Yoga Mind Coach program for free. And of course, you have life long access to the Yoga Mind Coach online platform. 

Book a FREE call and see if the program is right for you

Let's talk about it

Only 6 spots available

Why Lara teaches this course
Stressed-out, Overworked Corporate Marketing Manager turned Yoga Mind Coach
Stress-induced jaw clenching, IBS, migraine, trouble sleeping (sleep paralysis — don’t Google it), back pain, over-planning, chronic worrying, a racing mind …
Lara had it all. She used yoga, meditation, and other self-care techniques to reduce her stress levels and its physical symptoms. 
After over 750 hours of intensive yoga and coaching courses, Lara now helps female professionals to replace stress and its negative impact on their body, with balance, energy, and well-being.