18 tips to save up to €1.000 on your yoga teacher training

Find the perfect, wallet-friendly yoga teacher training course

So you want to attend a yoga teacher training course? Or maybe you just want to study yoga out of personal interest, without the desire to actually teach. In any case, that’s awesome! You might have already noticed that a yoga teacher training course can be very expensive. I’ll share some insights I gained during my own search for my 200H yoga teacher training. With the tips below, you’ll find the perfect yoga teacher training for you that’s within your budget.

yoga teacher training

Yoga teacher training booking site vs training center website

You have booking.com for hostel reservations and bookyouryogateachertraining.com for yoga teacher training courses. This site bundles training courses from all over the world. Have a look here to scan through the offer available at your preferred destination. You’ll get a good idea of average prices and packages. The next step is to have a look at the training center’s own website of course. And compare both to see where you’ll get the best deal.


Location location location

The price of a yoga teacher training course is highly dependent on the location.
India and Nepal have by far the biggest offer and thus lowest prices. Keep in mind that accommodation also tends to a bit more basic here compared to other places.

how to find the perfect yoga teacher training budget affordable yoga teacher training cheapest yoga teacher training

You’ll quickly notice prices tend to be quite high in Thailand and Indonesia. You’ll find more luxurious training centers here.

The offer in Cambodia, Laos and the Philippines is rather limited. So you’ll need a bit more luck finding a yoga teacher training center that resonates with you in these countries.

Choose low season over high season

Most yoga teacher training centers are on tropical holiday destinations. So make sure to have a look at the high and low seasons as this has a great impact on the price of the flight tickets. Consider doing your training in the low season. The weather might not be as good as during the high season. But your airplane tickets and maybe even the training itself will be cheaper. And to be honest, if you’re doing a 200-hour training in less then a month, you won’t have a lot of time to soak up the sun anyway! :-p

For me, this means visiting the north of India in January. So I’ll be bringing warm clothing with me!

Look for countries that offer a free visa on arrival

Depending on your country of origin you might not need to pay for a visa in some countries. Coming from Belgium, for example, you can get a free 30 days visa on arrival in Indonesia. An Indian 60-day e-visa is €50. Some other visas are even more expensive. So choosing for a country that offers free visas to tourists of your country of origin is a great way to spend less on your overall travel expenses.

Looking for other more general (non-yoga related) Asian travel budget tips? Have a look here.

Meals included

yoga teacher training - meals

Some yoga teacher training centers don’t include meals in their offer or put it as an additional option. This way they can keep their prices down. Keep in mind to add €5-€15 a day depending on the country for food. This means on a 28-day during training you’ll have to add €280-€420 for food cost. A center that’s €200 more expensive but includes meals might be the cheaper option in reality.

Accommodation included

Just as with the food, some schools offer accommodation optionally. Also for this, you’ll pay up to €5-€15 a night in a dorm or €280-420 for the entire stay. So again a training that is €200 more expensive but offers accommodation might be cheaper than choosing a less expensive yoga teacher training that doesn’t include a bed 😉

If you do decide on going for a center that doesn’t include accommodation, please be selective on where you stay. Your training will be exhausting ( or so I’ve heard, I’ll update once I complete my training), so avoid party hostels by all means!

Keep in mind that you’ll be expected to be in class early in the morning. Sometimes even as early as 5 o’clock in the morning. So don’t expect to get some breakfast at your hostel before that time. Another side note, I’m not sure how happy your roommates will be with you getting up every morning at 4 o’clock…

So personally, I would recommend staying at the yoga teacher training center if possible.


Airport transfer included

Some yoga teacher training centers include airport transfer. This can save you some taxi/bus/train money. In some cases this will be just a few euros, in others, it can go up to €25-€50 or even more.

how to find the perfect yoga teacher training budget affordable yoga teacher training cheapest yoga teacher training

This can also be a very good thing regarding safety. If you arrive alone in a foreign country it is never a bad idea to arrange a pickup with your accommodation. This way somebody is expecting you. Always do this when arriving at night, and always try to avoid arriving at night…

Hotel vs. ashram

This is an Indian topic-specific, maybe even Rishikesh specific. Think about what type of experience you want. If you want an authentic yoga teacher training experience, then do your training at an ashram. Accommodation and food will probably be more basic than at a school that offers hotel accommodation. But chances are you’ll really learn about the essence of yoga. And not just be in an overly commercialized training, that’s only doing it for the profit and maybe even hired cheaper inexperienced trainers.

Laundry service

yoga teacher training laundry

This is quite rare, but some yoga teacher training centers offer a free laundry service. In Asia, it is often quite cheap to have your laundry done ( less than a euro per kilo). When you’re sending 2 kg to the laundry per week, you’ll save about €5 or so per month. You can’t do much with €5 in Belgium. But in most Asian countries you can stay an extra night in a dorm, buy some souvenirs, get a spa treatment, … You get the idea 😉

Take a shared room not a private one

Most yoga teacher training centers offer you the choice between a private or a shared room. The price for a single room can be up to a couple of 100 euros more expensive than a shared room. Most often you’ll share a room with just one other same-gender trainee. Dorm rooms, with more than 2 roommates, are quite the exception.

I personally found a low budget yoga teacher training center that only has single rooms. So I lucked out 😀

Extracurricular activities

how to find the perfect yoga teacher training budget affordable yoga teacher training cheapest yoga teacher training

Some schools organize fun group activities on your rest days (most of the time on Sunday). For example in Rishikesh, where I’ll do my training, some schools offer river rafting, cooking class, a visit to the Beatles ashram, camping trip, … depending on the season. I have even seen schools offering one or more free massages. Doing 4 of these trips by yourself can easily set you back € 50-75 or even more!

Edit 2019: I did my first yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. I immediately did a second training after. Read all about my Indian yoga teacher training experience.

Yoga Alliance certificate

Make sure you pick a school at which you’ll get a Yoga Alliance upon successful termination. Not only is this a quality indication of the school itself and the level of their training. So You know your paying for qualitative training. This internationally recognized certificate will also help you later on when you’re actually looking for a yoga teacher position.

This tip doesn’t save you money right now but might make it easier for you to make money teaching yoga.

Yoga kit included

yoga teacher training mat

Some schools include the price of your textbooks, a notepad, yoga mat, neti pot, … in their fee. Double-check this to make sure you won’t need to pay extra for these items.

Make a shortlist

By now you should be able to make a shortlist with a number of schools you are interested in. Based on their location, price, package, .. Make a list with about 5 to 10 teacher training centers.

Read all the reviews you can find

Have a look at social media to do some research on the schools that are on your shortlist. And use all sources available: Facebook, Tripadvisor, Instagram, Youtube, Google reviews, … You are investing quite some money and time in your training. So do everything in your power to make sure you’ll get what you’re expecting.
I even contacted some people who wrote reviews on the 3 schools on my shortlist. Some answered and gave me quite valuable input.

Read my review on Pratham Yoga if this school made it to your shortlist.

Join Facebook groups

Another fun thing to do is join some relevant Facebook groups like ‘yoga teacher training prep – let’s get ready together’, ‘Yoga Teacher Training (TTC) Advice’, ‘Rishikesh Yogis Community’ and ‘Rishikesh Community’.

Ask in these groups if somebody has experience with a particular school. Most people are happy to share their own yoga journey with you.

Email your top 3

Send your top 3 yoga teacher training centers an email with all the questions you might still have. Not sure what questions to ask? Lucky for you I made the ultimate list of pre-yoga teacher training questions to ask.

The way they respond and the time it takes them to respond might also give you a better idea of the school itself and if it’s a good match.

Be true to yourself

The perfect yoga teacher training for me might not be right for you. So be honest about what you want and expect and go from there. I want a budget-friendly and authentic yoga teacher training, so I have chosen to do my training in an ashram in Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world. This also means, no meat, no beaches, no alcohol, and no parties.

You might like to take a swim and nap on the beach? Or go to the occasional party on a Saturday night? In that case, a luxury yoga teacher training in Thailand or maybe Indonesia or the Philippines might be a better fit.


Asia yoga teacher training comparison*

The list below offers a general idea of the prices you can expect of yoga teacher training courses in a number of Asian countries (based on info found on bookyouryogateachertraining.com).

how to find the perfect yoga teacher training budget affordable yoga teacher training cheapest yoga teacher training

*This short list is based on the information of bookyogateachertraining.com, not on own experiences. Prices may vary over time.


With these tips, you’ll without a doubt be able to find the perfect teacher training for you. Now count up all the small savings you’ll make by applying these tips. That’s right, it’s about €1.000!!

Find out if my pre-training research paid off by following @herbackpackbliss on Instagram.

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20 Responses to “18 tips to save up to €1.000 on your yoga teacher training

  • So much useful information in this post!! Looks like you thought of absolutely everything! Thanks for sharing. It’d be awesome to do this someday!

  • This is such a great comprehensive guide! Love the comparison table at the end too. Not a Yogi myself but will definitely send people hear who are looking to do a course!

  • This is a super useful guide! Getting yoga certified is on my bucket list for sure, but I have no idea how to pick a good one! Do you think there are any advantages in doing it in one country vs another other than price?

    • Hi Hannah, I’m so happy you find this guide useful!
      I hope you find the time to do a YTT in the near future, it’s such an enriching experience. Even if it’s only for improving your self practice.
      As for your question about the advantage of doing it in a certain country, I can only say that India is the birtplace of Yoga. For that reason only I would recommend doing it here. I don’t see other big advantages or disadvantages per country because a lot of the teachers are international yoga professionals. So do some research about the treachers and you’ll know what to expect.
      One other recommendation I can make is to do the 200h in a one month program. This way you’ll be all yoga all the time 24/7 and full focused on your studies. Which is a huge advantage compared to doing a 200h training devided over a number of months.
      Sorry for the long reply, hope you find is helpful 🙂

      • Thanks Lara, that sounds really cool and is super helpful 🙂 I can’t wait until I have a chance to get over there and do it!

  • This is such an interesting post. I haven’t been in a yoga teacher training programme, but I went to a yoga retreat in Croatia that offered meals, acommodation, transportation and extracurricular activities (like kayaking and windsurfing). I really liked the concept, so it’s cool to know there are more extensive programmes to become a teacher. Thanks for the tips!

    • Hi Dann, thank you fr your comment! I’m happy you find the tips helpfull. Can I ask to which retreat you went? Haven’t been to Croatia yet, so maybe I should go and check it out 😉

  • Since my sister wants to become a yoga teacher, she is wondering how to find the best training program to enter. So I appreciate your tip to look at social media to start reading some reviews of the different schools you are considering. I will be sure to tell my sister that she should look at the reviews left for the yoga teacher training schools she is considering.

    • Hi Ashley,
      Great to hear your sister wants to become a yoga teacher. The training can be an amazing experience, but research is key indeed. So make sure she doesn’t stop at reading reviews, but also contacts some of the review writers to get a private and honest opinion.
      Best of luck to her in het yoga journey 🙂

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