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  • Are you unable to fall asleep at night feeling tired and overwhelmed,
    thinking about what you did and didn’t do today- and what you have to do tomorrow?
  • Do you wake up exhausted, wondering to yourself if you can make it through the day?
  • Is your mind always racing? You are just not able to turn it off.
  • Are you worrier and over-planner?
  • Do you feel irritable? Low in energy? Or just not feeling quite right?
  • Is stress starting to negatively impact your body?

Hatha yoga can be so much more than only a form of exercise. It’s an invitation to turn inwards. By using asanas (postures), pranayama (breathwork), and meditation you will find a precious balance between body, mind & spirit. At this point, you’ll be able to let go of stress and find pure presence.

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Yoga meditation and self-care Facebook group for tips, tricks and training on stress relief. 

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Data yoga- en meditatielessen

Wednesday 10h00 @ Fitforyou Herent

Join me on Wednesday morings at Fitforyou Herent for a class of mindful hatha yoga. This (beginner-friendly) class is designed for stress relief. 

Mechelsesteenweg 763
3020 Herent

  • I met Lara in Bali and since then I have attended her yoga classes. She is a beautiful yoga teacher. She is very calm and clear. Her directions and ques are very concise and consistent so you can do the practice with your eyes shut if you want to. Not only that, she brings the pure essence of yoga. So you walk out of the class not only feeling like you have had some exercise. But you've also calmed your body and mind. So you feel both energized, and relaxed and serene. It’s beautiful!
    Anne M., UKAnne M., UKMarketing
  • I have taken some of Lara’s classes and they’re fantastic. Fantastic at grounding you and getting you centered. Lara has got a lovely soothing voice, which helps you get to that nice centered, calm place. What I love most about her classes is that she gives you enough space to have your own practice. But you also still feel very held. So you are getting enough instruction to know what you need to be doing. And to do what you need to do to get down to feeling nice and calm, which is difficult in our busy working lives. So thank you, Lara, for really helping me to ground down.
    Alexis, SydneyAlexis, SydneyManager Government Services
  • I did a class with Lara quite a few times now. I’ve got 2 businesses and I am flat chat all the time. Lara’s class is easy to follow, it’s relaxing, it’s really deep. And she explains what you should be feeling. So you understand what muscles to access. It’s really lovely. So I suggest you have a class with Lara, particularly if you really want to be connected with yourself. She is fantastic
    Holly-Berry, SydneyHolly-Berry, SydneyTherapist & Business owner

Over Lara

Yoga Mind Coach

Van Corporate Marketing Manager naar Yoga Mind Coach |
Lara heeft ondertussen al meer dan 750 uren internationale yoga opleidingen onder de gordel en ervaring als yoga leerkracht in ondermeer België, Duitsland en Vietnam.

Vandaag helpt ze drukke professionals stress en de fysieke symptomen daarvan in te ruilen voor positieve energie, rust en vitaliteit met yoga, meditatie en coaching. Beta-testers gezocht voor het nieuwe Terug in Balancs Plan. Wil jij ook meer rust i nje hoofd en positive energie in je lijf. Lees alles over dit stress-management coaching plan


  • 350h Yoga Coach Teacher Training by Mark Breadner |2019 | Bali
  • Mindset Coach Training by Will Be Strong | 2019 | NL
  • 200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training by Master Vijay Ji at Pratham Yoga| 2018 | Rishikesh India
  • 200h Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training at IYMS | 2018 | Rishikesh India
  • Master in Management Economiscs at KULeuven | Belgium
  • Master in Communication Science at VUBrussel | Belgium

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Yoga Mind Coaching

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stress & its negative impact on your body

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